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I Can’t Remember the Last Time I Wasn’t at Least Kind of Tired

Remember the days before you had kids?  You would come home from work, change clothes and hit the gym. Or, maybe you got a run in earlier that morning, so you indulged in a little happy hour after work with … Continue reading

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This Ma’am Won’t Cry for Her Crime

I got pulled over by a cop today. I was on my way to work (even a little early according to my watch) and just about to drop off some dry cleaning, when all of the sudden I saw a police … Continue reading

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11-11-11 Baby Boom

This week ovulating women around the world are vying for the chance to have their baby on a symbolic and perhaps lucky day that happens only once in a lifetime: November 11, 2011 (a.k.a. 11-11-11) In order to have a … Continue reading

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Raising a Polite Child; Not a Pushover

My husband and I tried to teach our children lessons in politeness from an early age.  When our son and daughter were babies, it started out by saying “Please,” “Thank You,” and “You’re Welcome.” It was pretty basic stuff, but eventually, they … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Snow Days Ain’t What They Used to Be

As a child I remember vividly the anticipation and excitement surrounding the possibility of my school calling a “snow day.”  A snow day meant school was closed.  I got to sleep in and perhaps even go sledding outdoors with my friends. Sledding … Continue reading

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Remote Control: New Tech for Parents Keeps Teen Driving in Check

I have some exciting news for the beginning of 2011! Once a month, I will be a contributing writer for A to Z for Moms Like Me, a soup to nuts online resource for moms. From food to finances to travel of … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Learning a new language is never an easy thing.  Sure, to some multilinguals, learning a language may come naturally but there are always nuances, figures of speech and idioms that don’t translate across cultures. For instance, when I lived in … Continue reading

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Biz e-Friday Countdown 12.03.10

After a holiday hiatus, The Biz e-Friday Countdown is back! In case you forgot, The Biz e-Friday Countdown summarizes the most interesting parenting blogs of the week.  Why?  Because we know you are busy! Here’s what you missed this week: … Continue reading

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Eye of the Tiger

I have always been what I like to call an “independent” person.  What my parents would call it was “stubborn.” While I was growing up, my parents would tell me stories of my stubbornness.  There was this one time, at … Continue reading

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Angry BMW Owners Should Take Advice from Ice Cube

A recent article in the U.K.’s Telegraph called out BMW drivers as the angriest on the road. The poll revealed that BMW drivers are more likely to tailgate, flick the finger and speed than anyone else on the road. I … Continue reading

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