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The K.I.S.S. of Death

In junior high school, I learned a phrase from my English teacher that conveyed the value of simplicity: Keep it Simple, Stupid (K.I.S.S.).  Keep your message short, direct, and to-the-point if you want others to understand.  To support, the K.I.S.S. … Continue reading

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Paging Dr. Piranha

This weekend, our Biz e-Family headed out amidst the snow and -15 degree wind chill for a little trip to PetSmart. We needed to buy dog food, but it was also an opportunity to get the kids out of the … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Furry Kids

Some of us have furry kids.  Others have human kids.  I have both. My two furry kids are 12 and 13 years old now.  By human standards they would be strong-willed, prepubescent, know-it-all tweens just beginning to make a mark on this big, amazing world. … Continue reading

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