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Breastfeeding Mom Organizes Nurse-In

I live in Ohio – 1 of 44 states that have laws in place to protect the rights of mothers who breastfeed. Recently, a local mother made headlines because she staged a nurse-in at a shopping mall near my childhood home … Continue reading

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How to Kick the List Before the Bucket

We’ve all heard about bucket lists. Generally, it’s a list of high-reaching, lofty and wonderfully amazing things to do or see before you die. There’s a movie about it. There are books about it. There are even lists that tell … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Pantry?

This afternoon we had some really drastic weather in the Midwest.  During the lunch hour, a tornado warning was issued in the downtown area that I work. Having grown up in Ohio and also having lived in Miami, FL for several years, I … Continue reading

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Who dropped the ball?

  Today our family had a wonderful day at the park.  We played on the swings, took turns going down the slide, played ball and even walked through the forest to find Buckeyes (a common tradition in Ohio.) The sun … Continue reading

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