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Breastfeeding Mom Organizes Nurse-In

I live in Ohio – 1 of 44 states that have laws in place to protect the rights of mothers who breastfeed. Recently, a local mother made headlines because she staged a nurse-in at a shopping mall near my childhood home … Continue reading

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The Joys and Fears of Motherhood

When you first get pregnant, people everywhere tell you about how wonderful it is to be a mother.  Sometimes the advice is solicited and sometimes it’s not.  I had a complete stranger once come up to me in a department store … Continue reading

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School Picture Day

Readers note:  I had a life-scarring memory of my own School Picture Day circa 1982. I was in 2nd grade and we were in the school gymnasium when the photographer mistook me for a boy. As I crawled onto the swivel stool … Continue reading

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We Got a Bleeder

  Today was a perfect Sunday for getting things done.  The weather was cool and crisp.  It was the ideal opportunity to get out in the yard (I mean my husband) and take care of the leaves. Since our yard … Continue reading

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