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Listen to My Radio Interview Tonight

Instead of my normal blog post format, today I want to let everyone know that tonight (in just a couple of hours) I will be interviewed by Melissa Lierman on BlogTalkRadio at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern time) for the I Love Authors broadcast. … Continue reading

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Let’s Get This Potty Started

Potty training is a humbling experience. Until I had kids of my own, it’s safe to say that I never thought I would see the day when at 7:00 in the morning I’d be dressed in my corporate power suit … Continue reading

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The Battle of Bedtime

55 hours 21 minutes and 6 seconds. That’s about how long I have figured my life has been wasted in the Battle of Bedtime, a sport that is gaining popularity in our house.  My son, Biz e-Baby2, is going for the … Continue reading

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Barfing Baby Onboard

Nothing kills the spirit of a holiday drive to look at neighborhood Christmas lights more than someone barfing in the back seat.  Such was the scene in my minivan last night driving around Dayton. One minute, my children and I … Continue reading

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School Picture Day

Readers note:  I had a life-scarring memory of my own School Picture Day circa 1982. I was in 2nd grade and we were in the school gymnasium when the photographer mistook me for a boy. As I crawled onto the swivel stool … Continue reading

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Kangaroo Diaries

Recently, a normal family outing turned into an amazing experience. We saw some beautiful creatures and even accomplished an unofficial photo shoot in preparation for my new book release of Kangaroo‘s Shoes. I thought it would be cute to get some pictures of kangaroos … Continue reading

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We Got a Bleeder

  Today was a perfect Sunday for getting things done.  The weather was cool and crisp.  It was the ideal opportunity to get out in the yard (I mean my husband) and take care of the leaves. Since our yard … Continue reading

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Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

My little Biz e-Family Tree After reading some scary article about Internet safety, I have decided that from this point forward, I am not going to mention my kids or husband by name. As more people read this blog, it … Continue reading

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