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Please Don’t Buy Roses on Valentine’s Day

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but Valentine’s Day gifts bore me. I really don’t care for roses as a gift, chocolates aren’t my thing and I always seem to giggle (at the wrong moment) when reading mushy, sentimental cards. I … Continue reading

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Biz e-Friday Countdown 1.7.11

This is the first official Biz e-Friday Countdown of 2011!  To kick off the year, we even have a fresh, new logo for the Countdown. Plus, in the spirit of all things “new,” I decided that it would be fitting … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of Anecdotes – Day 8 “Things That Go Squeak in the Night”

If you’re like me, no matter how much you clean it seems there are always toys scattered in random places. Puzzles on the mantle. Baby dolls in the bathroom. Balls in the bed (wait—ha ha—I just made a joke and … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of Anecdotes – Day 4 “Two Trees or Not Two Trees? That is the Question.”

The other day I was explaining to a coworker that I had two Christmas trees. I have my family tree which has the sentimental mishmash of ornaments from places we’ve traveled, from friends as gifts, or from holiday craft attempts.  … Continue reading

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The 10 Personas of Facebook

People use social networking for different reasons.  Some of them are there to make new friends or connect with old classmates, while others are there because someone basically set up their profile for them.  Just as I believe that there … Continue reading

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Mama’s Little Mascot

Buckeye Brainwashing started early in my house. Before my children were out of the womb, they each had several outfits sporting the scarlet and grey colors of my alma mater, The Ohio State University. We had a Brutus stuffed toy just … Continue reading

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Biz e-Friday Countdown 10.29.10

 (This edition of Biz e-Friday Countdown was not posted last night due to technical difficulties and some really nasty malware on the computer I was using.  Very sorry!) Now, on to the Countdown! If you were too busy to read them … Continue reading

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Tiny Dancer

My daughter starts pre-ballet tonight.  Yes, she’s only three but Tiger was a toddler when he first started swinging a golf club, right?  (OK, maybe he’s not the best example role model to use.) It’s natural for parents to want … Continue reading

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