10 Reasons Snow Days Ain’t What They Used to Be

Sledding in Central Park, New York

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As a child I remember vividly the anticipation and excitement surrounding the possibility of my school calling a “snow day.”  A snow day meant school was closed.  I got to sleep in and perhaps even go sledding outdoors with my friends. Sledding was usually followed by hot cocoa and warming up in fuzzy pajamas on the couch. 

As an adult, the snow day has lost some of its luster, and while the fond childhood memory of snow days past still lingers, it is a far cry from the one I used to know.

Here’s 10 reasons:

10.) Parents still have to drive to work when it’s a snow day.

9.) You struggle to find someone to watch your kids because daycare is closed for a snow day.

8.) On a snow day, there’s always some jerk that thinks because he has a 4X4 that gives him the right to speed past you on the freeway and throw slush at your windshield with his tires.

7.) The odds that you may need to wake up early to scrape your windshield, shovel your driveway, manually lift your garage door – or perform all of the above – are all tipping in your favor with the impending announcement of a snow day.

6.) It never fails that you forget to fill up the gas tank the night before a snow day, leaving you trudging through inches of snow at the gas station the next morning and standing shivering at the pump.

5.) On a snow day, it takes 30 minutes to get the kids bundled up to go outside and only 10 minutes of actual playtime before someone has to pee.

4.) Inevitably, you run out of toilet paper and have to go to the store on a snow day.

3.) A snow day may come back to bite you in June when that school day has to be made up.

2.) Your client’s proposal doesn’t care if it’s a snow day.

1.) You stay up all night waiting for the school closing announcement that doesn’t come until the next morning after you are already awake and showered. Now what?

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow isn’t a snow day…

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I am a busy working mom (get it... "Biz e-Mom"?) of three kids under the age of four. I have a white-collar day job, I have a night job as a mom, and an "in between" job as a freelance writer and blogger. What can I say, I am a glutton for punishment and I don't go to bed until 1 a.m. No matter how much I complain, I like being busy. That must be the Sagitarius in me--we get bored easily. Now on to the next adventure (I mean... venture!)
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7 Responses to 10 Reasons Snow Days Ain’t What They Used to Be

  1. “It never fails that you forget to fill up the gas tank the night before a snow day, leaving you trudging through inches of snow at the gas station the next morning and standing shivering at the pump.” During a recent local radio show where the host and guest were discussing the Sheer Stupidity that is Seattle When 10 Flakes Fall, the guest, from Minnesota (as I recall), made a comment I’ll never forget: “Back there, we never let the gas tank drop below half.” Smart thinking, methought.

  2. Jill says:

    aw…I choose to remain in the fantasy of my childhood snow days….forget being a grown up, LoL..

  3. Amusing article and even though I’m in England your 10 reasons would still have relevance here, it’s exactly the same. Doesn’t it make you go aarrgh!!?

  4. Bruce Sallan says:

    Snow is good for just ONE THING! Skiing! Yeah! Growing up in L.A., we never had snow days – we had EarthQuake Days! Lol…

  5. Anna says:

    all so sad and true. but i do still love a snow day – don’t have to pack lunches (i hate packing lunches) and i do like to sled!

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