Biz e-Friday Countdown 1.7.11

This is the first official Biz e-Friday Countdown of 2011!  To kick off the year, we even have a fresh, new logo for the Countdown.

Plus, in the spirit of all things “new,” I decided that it would be fitting to feature brand new blogs that have never been recapped before on the Biz e-Friday Countdown.

Many of these blogs have been around for a while, are very creative and provide some great humor and insight for moms.

Here’s the best and brightest blogs for the first week in January…

5. Maneuvering Motherhood

The post “Show Me the Money” explores the value of what it means to monetize your website and how to deal with companies that use PR firms to solicit bloggers for ambassador programs.

Read the full blog

4. In the Trenches of Mommyhood

Maybe it was your first place together as a married couple, maybe it was the place you brought your baby to after coming home from the hospital, but is your house the place you thought you’d call home forever?

Read the full blog

3. Soule Mama

Soule Mama’s talents inspired me and then soon after made me feel like an inferior mother.  Her knitting ability makes me jealous and proud of her at the same time so she is honored in this week’s blog countdown. Check this girl out.

Read the full blog

2. Owning Pink

It’s cold and flu season, so naturally every time we go to the doctor’s office parents are asked to keep their child’s vaccinations current. The post “Should We Vaccinate Our Kids” delves into what has become a very passionate and controversial subject.  See if you have the facts.

Read the full blog

1. Scary Mommy

Do you ever wonder how some people always have those “well-behaved kids” that always do everything right?  Scary Mommy’s post shares the secret  — ignore them.

Read the full blog

About bizemom

I am a busy working mom (get it... "Biz e-Mom"?) of three kids under the age of four. I have a white-collar day job, I have a night job as a mom, and an "in between" job as a freelance writer and blogger. What can I say, I am a glutton for punishment and I don't go to bed until 1 a.m. No matter how much I complain, I like being busy. That must be the Sagitarius in me--we get bored easily. Now on to the next adventure (I mean... venture!)
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