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Signs, Signs Everywhere There’s Signs

About a month or so ago, news broke of a new astrological calendar due to a strange new little sign named Ophiuchus. I have to admit that I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out I was still a Sagittarius. … Continue reading

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The Joys and Fears of Motherhood

When you first get pregnant, people everywhere tell you about how wonderful it is to be a mother.  Sometimes the advice is solicited and sometimes it’s not.  I had a complete stranger once come up to me in a department store … Continue reading

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Raising a Polite Child; Not a Pushover

My husband and I tried to teach our children lessons in politeness from an early age.  When our son and daughter were babies, it started out by saying “Please,” “Thank You,” and “You’re Welcome.” It was pretty basic stuff, but eventually, they … Continue reading

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What’s Your Theme Song?

If you could have a theme song what would it be? Imagine you walk into a party to make a grand entrance or perhaps it’s simply a song that accompanies you as you walk down the street. I think having … Continue reading

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Paging Dr. Piranha

This weekend, our Biz e-Family headed out amidst the snow and -15 degree wind chill for a little trip to PetSmart. We needed to buy dog food, but it was also an opportunity to get the kids out of the … Continue reading

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The Orange Juice People Understand Me

This afternoon I had an unusual experience. I was watching TV. I can’t remember the last time I actually watched live TV as it was playing in real time.  My life is so crazy that anymore unless it’s a TIVo or DVR … Continue reading

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Biz e-Friday Countdown 1.21.11

This week’s Biz e-Friday Countdown includes some never-featured-before mom and dad bloggers as well as some old favorites.  In fact, Babble provided the two front-runners! If you missed what’s going on in the parenting blogosphere this week, here are some highlights. 5. Three Ring … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Snow Days Ain’t What They Used to Be

As a child I remember vividly the anticipation and excitement surrounding the possibility of my school calling a “snow day.”  A snow day meant school was closed.  I got to sleep in and perhaps even go sledding outdoors with my friends. Sledding … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Furry Kids

Some of us have furry kids.  Others have human kids.  I have both. My two furry kids are 12 and 13 years old now.  By human standards they would be strong-willed, prepubescent, know-it-all tweens just beginning to make a mark on this big, amazing world. … Continue reading

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Biz e-Friday Countdown 1.14.11

It’s week two for the year 2011.  How are those resolutions coming along? If you are too depressed to think about it, take your mind to a happy place and read some of this week’s best parenting blogs on the … Continue reading

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